Saturday, 27 February 2016

Anticipate the problems in life by the Vedic astrology consultations

Vedic astrology is an ancient science, which determines the position of all celestial bodies and their effect on the humans. The position of heavenly bodies is put on the birth chart of the person. This birth chart is made after carefully noting the birth date, birth time and the place of the birth. For accurate birth chart, it is essential that the correct timing of the birth and birth date is known to the person.

The position of the various planets is then fixed on the birth chart according to the time of the birth. All the 12 positions on chart are filled with the planets. Two planets are rahu and ketu, which are not heavenly bodies but are considered in the astrology calculations.  These positions are later interpreted to know the auspicious timing for events in life. Early the Vedic astrology was based on the planet movements but later it included zodiac signs in calculations.

This chart can be studied in various ways to know the life of a person from different aspects like married life, professional life, love life, business prospects, education, relations, and major events in life both auspicious and malevolent.

After carefully getting the analyses of the birth chart, the astrologer tries to increase the power of auspicious phase by some measures. Similarly, the impact or influences of harmful planets is curbed by performing some rituals.

Events can be predicted by reasonable accuracy by carefully studying the position of planets on the birth chart. Astrologers believe that the correct prediction Get Indian Vedic Astrology Online of major events in the life of a person can be determined.

That rate of accuracy is quiet high, if the chart is correct and the readings by an experienced astrologer are also accurate.  They say in the birth chart of 1000 people, if all of them have the same planet positions at the time of their birth, then the certain rules of the astrology can be true for at least 70-80 % of them.

This fact can be interpreted in statistical way to suggest that the possibility of occurring of an event under certain planet position is quite high. In other words, if certain things have happened to a person, with a particular birth chart positioning of planets, then the chances of similar things happening to other person, with similar birth charts are high. This is the rule of the astrology, on which predictions are made and remedies suggested.  

In online Vedic astrology consultations, Best Indian Vedic Astrology Services Onlinethe predictions are given on phone but the detail analyses of the birth chart is provided by email. Some experienced astrologer can determine the exact time of the birth by getting answer to some question from a person. This exact time of the birth is vital to get the accurate birth chart.  And correct birth chart is necessary for correct analyses of a person. 

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